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Pressure drop 1 analysis

The purpose of this analysis was to quantitatively/qualitatively evaluate the fluid-dynamic pressure losses, to which the fluid is subjected when crossing the system TURBOsplash PAC ®™. Fluid Dynamic Behaviour  Plan AA digital pressure analysis  digitized pressure analysis

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Evaporative Cooling Towers (part 4)

The amount of evaporated water in the surface portion dA can be expressed through the relationship: dL = kv (psat – pv) dA, where kv is the evaporation function index. The following expression describes the amount of heat (QD) removed from water during evaporation: dQD = r dL    (3), where r is the heat of...

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Evaporative Cooling Towers (part 3)

EVAPORATION OF FLUID INTO GAS The following discussion is based on the following assumptions: (1) Inside the water there is no heat exchange; (2) The water that has decreased in volume, due to the evaporation effect, will be replenished with the same water that has evaporated to the surface. In virtue of...

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