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Evaporative Cooling Towers (part 3)

EVAPORATION OF A FLUID INTO GAS The following discussion is based on the following assumptions: (1) Inside the water there is no heat exchange; (2) The water that has decreased in volume, due to the evaporation effect, will be replenished with the same water that has evaporated to the surface. In virtue...

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Evaporative Cooling Towers (part 2)

Water cooling takes place according to three phenomena: 1. CONDUCTION: (disposal of sensible heat1). The heat flows from a region with a higher temperature to a region with a lower temperature through one or more means that are in direct physical contact, in compliance with the laws of heat conduction...

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Evaporative Cooling Towers (part 1)

The system that allows used water that was heated during the cooling of a technological system to be cooled, thus making it again, and continuously, available to give continuity to the cooling cycles, is called “evaporative cooling tower”. Liquid refrigerant cooling is obtained through part evaporation of the same because...

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