Evaporative Cooling Towers (part 4)

The amount of evaporated water in the surface portion dA can be expressed through the relationship: dL = kv (psat – pv) dA, where kv is the evaporation function index. The following expression describes the amount of heat (QD) removed from water during evaporation: dQD = Read More

The importance of water in the cooling tower industry – Water (part 6)

SYSTEMS THAT COOL WATER IN AN EVAPORATIVE WAY: WHERE THEY ARE USED A hint is given by knowing how refrigerators function in terms of “transfer of energy-heat”. Although this topic is very interesting, we will not linger on the quality of energy. We Read More

A cooling system is essential for the operation of any modern geothermal power plant

Cooling Tower System: Converting Geothermal Energy into Electricity Example of flash power plant producing electricity Heat emanates from the earth’s interior and crust generates magma (molten rock). Because magma is less dense than surrounding rock, it rises but generally does not reach Read More