Tower doesn’t work (part 2)

So, let’s go in order by first verifying that the tower is adequate and built in the right manner. 
First perform the following checks:
  • See that water sprinkling is uniform over the entire surface of the tower.
  • From below, through the air intake area, or from the top by opening the water drop separator and see if the spray nozzles work well.
    • Also check:
      • to see that they are not clogged,
      • that they have enough pressure,
      • and that they’re all there (at times too much pressure could blast a spray nozzle off the sprinkler system).
  • See that water is sprinkled on a clean surface and there are no debris or pieces of limestone.
  • Check pipes for occasional obstructions due to rags forgotten inside the tubes, small animals, leaves, etc.  

Example of dirty surface area

When there are two or more fans there is a need to have at least one per cell. It’s necessary that there are partitions between the cells, otherwise air passage is short circuited between the cells. This means that the air, rather than passing through the filling material, it will pass through the openings of the contiguous fan.
Example of partition per cell
Also check for occasional interruption of impeller’s rotation (warn electric cables) and power to the engine air passage clogged with material.

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