The idea of TURBOsplash PAC ®™ – A record in technology with TURBOsplash PAC ®™ in cooling towers

The research for the design and implementation of TURBOsplash PAC ®™ filler panels, carried out by the technical staff of the Italian company NERI, lasted several years. In this period the staff performed several laboratory tests and installations in existing towers, both in Italy and abroad. The result was a technology innovation breakthrough in the sector.
In fact, TURBOsplash PAC ®™ filler panel doesn’t have the limitations described in the previous post “Water cooling tower fill material, from wood to plastic“.
After having identified the type of suitable plastic (polypropylene) for the panel, the technicians and engineers of NERI focused primarily on what form to give the filler panel. (See Fig. 1 and Fig 2 below).
The idea came about observing nature; more precisely, observing how the leaves of trees distribute the rainwater over the whole leaf for allowing easy evaporation, thanks to a greater contact surface area between air and water.
At first, the idea was to create a structure consisting of more baffles that could reproduce the function of tree leaves. The need to have the most surface of water meet the most amount of air, has pushed NERI engineers to develop a system that would be repeatedly shatter every drop of “hot” water from the time water enters the tower, causing it to disperse heat each time it goes through the splash and film mixing system.
The water drop going through the baffles of the panels loses speed and, thanks to air turbulence, cooling capacity increases at each passage.
This innovative material has been patented in Italy, in Europe, in the United States and other major industrialized countries. It has been adopted in cooling towers related to industries that produce food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, metallurgical, for the manufacture of materials plastics, rubber, paper, textile, electroplating.
The TURBOsplash PAC ®™ filler panels material is appreciated by many industries in different countries and over 300 thousand pieces have been sold. They are used in the air-conditioning plant industry, the refrigeration industry, in the purification of waste waters, in paint and water treatment in general. There have been numerous statements and documented evidence of companies that have adopted the TURBOsplash PAC ®™ panels, finding clear and effective benefits in less than five years.
Section of a TURBOsplash PAC ®™ evaporation panel.
Fig. 1
The easy assembly of individual TURBOsplash PAC ®™ panels allow pallets of dimensions 130 cm x 100 cm x 216 cm, containing 1000 panels.
Fig. 2
Efficiency do to air flow quantity‏ – The drawing illustrates the Efficiency difference between plastic sheets (12 and20 mm ) and TURBOsplash PAC ®™ panels , both with dirty deposit and different thickness‏‏.
Fig. 3

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  1. Is this TURBOsplash pac a cleaning product or a filter for cooling towers? It sounds quite interesting from what I read in the article. Also, my father recently accepted a position in his job to work with the cooling tower at his work.

  2. Hi Andre, thank you for your comment. TURBOsplash PAC is neither a cleaner or filter. It is used to cool water. Please refer to the "What is TURBOsplash PAC page" for more details (

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