Water cooling tower fill material, from wood to plastic – A record in technology with TURBOsplash PAC ®™ in cooling towers

Wood, for a long time, was the most commonly used filling material in cooling towers. A very old method. For hundreds of years, bundles of woods have been used and arranged randomly inside the tower. The system has evolved when wood plates Read More

TURBOsplash PAC ®™ – A versatile fill material for a cost-effective solution

The following pictures show the versatility of TURBOsplash PAC ®™ fill material for evaporative cooling towers; that is, the same panel offers various possibilities to create different configurations with minimum warehouse immobilization. Single panel 2 layer  Example of 5 different configurations Panel Read More

Evaporative Cooling Towers (part 4)

The amount of evaporated water in the surface portion dA can be expressed through the relationship: dL = kv (psat – pv) dA, where kv is the evaporation function index. The following expression describes the amount of heat (QD) removed from water during evaporation: dQD = Read More

The importance of water in the cooling tower industry – Water (part 6)

SYSTEMS THAT COOL WATER IN AN EVAPORATIVE WAY: WHERE THEY ARE USED A hint is given by knowing how refrigerators function in terms of “transfer of energy-heat”. Although this topic is very interesting, we will not linger on the quality of energy. We Read More