Tower doesn’t work (part 1)

What to do when the maintenance manager warns that there’s something wrong with the cooling tower because it’s not functioning and not efficient and, as a consequence, the whole plant is not working because it’s stationary and/or blocked?
The first thing is not to lose control and panic. It’s the first test!
If the tower is not working, it’s because the targets set by the original thermal design project are not being met. 
What to do?
Here are a few indications for controlling the most important elements. They are water and air and are the only two elements that affect the optimal operation of the tower.
Water flow quantity and air temperature must be specified in the project. If, in the real world, when operating the tower, these values are different, then the tower will not work.
Therefore, when air clashes with water, quantity flow, temperature, relative humidity, and purity (not dust or other) must be exact as specified in the design project. 
Example of thermal design
Water has to be met by the air at the specified peed designed in the project and must be most uniform as possible.
Example of uniform water sprinkling
This is what is meant by an efficient project that is balanced and economical for the plant.
But, let’s go in order by first verifying that the tower is adequate and built in the right manner.
(To be continued next week … part 2 of this post)

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