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When it comes to evaporative water cooling towers, whether you’re are part of the design team or maintenance operations, NERI Calculator helps ensure that the functionality of the tower is optimal and efficient, hence, maintaining plant’s productivity at maximum level.


For maximum efficiency, in the design phase of the evaporative cooling tower project, NERI Calculator returns the optimal size of the tower needed to serve a predesigned plant system.

In normal maintenance operations, NERI Calculator verifies tower performance based on the actual tower data.

What are the risks of a poor functioning tower?
  • Tower driven system will not function correctly
  • Loss of productivity of the plant
  • Could cause heavy damage
  • Impact on the Environment
The cost of running a bad designed cooling tower could be high!
NERI Calculator covers two type of evaporative water cooling towers:
  • Counter-flow: a water cooling tower design where the air-flow is directly opposite of the water-flow.
  • Cross-flow: a water cooling tower system design in which the air-flow is directed perpendicular to the water-flow. Air flow enters one or more vertical faces of the cooling tower to meet the fill material.
If your tower is counter-flow, then try our NERI Calculator tool for free. When you sign up, we offer you a 1-day free trial of 50 calculations.
If your tower is cross-flow, then contact us and we’ll do the calculations for you.
NERI Calculator is not only used for design purposes, but it’s a tool to use always during on-going activities for monitoring and controlling cooling tower performance.

“Prevention is better than cure”

NERI Calculator will prevent damages resulting from a poorly functioning cooling tower, by verifying that the data is correct and/or has not been modified. Poor functioning cooling towers will have bad consequences not only on the cooling tower, but mostly on any production system served by the tower. All this damage and loss can be translated in huge economic loss!

How to use NERI Calculator:

Go to page and follow the steps as described in the below 6 diagrams.

Cooling Tower
Diagram 1

Cooling Tower
Diagram 2


Cooling Tower
Diagram 3 

STEP 5 - 6  and RESULT.gif
Diagram 4


Cooling Tower
Diagram 5

Cooling Tower
Diagram 6

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