The importance of water in the cooling tower industry – Water (part 8)


Cooling tower design require water and air related data.

Data concerning the water include flow rate, water temperature going into the tower, and temperature going out of the tower. This data is provided by the cooling tower plant design.

Data concerning the air is provided by weather statistics site where the tower is located or where it will be installed, and is given in percentage hours per year or summer dry bulb temperature and relative humidity, measured at the same instant of detection of the dry bulb temperature.

The amount of air required in the tower is given by the design results, and the size of the cooling tower depends directly on this data.
Hence, one must determine the air velocity inside the tower, the power of the fan motors, and all the characteristics of the tower sized based on the efficiency of individual components, including the main component which is the fill material that allows heat exchange of water / air.

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  1. It was very informative to know that the air velocity should be inspected in order to measure to cooling tower’s efficiency. My dad is an owner of a big manufacturing company, and he needs a system like this. That being said, I’ll make sure to find the best cooling tower products in the market.

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