The importance of water in the cooling tower industry – Water (part 6)

A hint is given by knowing how refrigerators function in terms of “transfer of energy-heat”. Although this topic is very interesting, we will not linger on the quality of energy.
We only need to know that not all energy is equal. There is no difference between the physical and mathematical way.
In practice, from an economic point of view, it is very important to know how to take advantage of the energy that is available.
We must say that the waste heat (energy that cannot be used) from plants, unfortunately, can only be used in a few plants. This is because their natural use in “cascade” presupposes that the plant being served needs to use the same amount of energy at the same time, and this is what makes more difficult. Let us recall that it’s very difficult to store energy in an economically way.
Now we will discuss refrigerators
Contrary to what is known, refrigerators “do not produce cold.” Cold cannot be produced, or make!
Cold is something you “feel”, it exists because “it lacks” heat; in other words, we do not produce cold but we remove heat, hence, we have cold.
Refrigerating machines do the following: remove heat, or better carries heat from one system component (called evaporator) to another component (called condenser).
For example, to learn how much heat a refrigerator carries, it’s enough to know the power of the engine required to make the refrigerator function. In practice, usually, 1 kW is required to “carry” about 2,500-3,000 kCal / h.

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