TURBOsplash PAC ®™ – What is it?

TURBOsplash PAC ®™ is a filling material for systems that exploit the physical principle of “mass transfer” to migrate from one element to another. 

TURBOsplash PAC ®™ is employed in water cooling towers, where the two elements are water and air. This material is used by prestigious companies that build cooling towers or replace/retrofit traditional material (film and grids). As a result, the increased performance is sensitive and allows for a long functioning period. TURBOsplash PAC ®™ was invented by Bruno Neri  and now commercialised by TSI company and other partners under authorized license. It is patented in most industrialized countries, where it is installed and in use with satisfied customers for over 25 years.
TURBOsplash PAC panels have modular capacity  and can be assembled and configured to obtain optimum thermal performance.

Single panel

Example of different configuration

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