A record in technology with TURBOsplash PAC ®™ – Summary

The most common problems in evaporation towers for cooling industrial water concern mainly the filling material. Some essential characteristics that filling material need to address are resistance to high temperatures, periodic cleaning and also use in presence of dirty water.

TURBOsplashPAC ®™ panels have modular capabilities and can be assembled and configured to obtain optimum thermal performance.

  Single panel      

 Example of different configuration

In the following weeks we will be publishing a series of posts showing how TURBOsplash PAC ®™ evaporation panels, made by an Italian company, effectively addresses most major requirements, such as mechanical resistance, resistance to high temperature, resistance to acid agents, variable geometry, use of dirty water, spare parts for already installed system, easy packing with minimum encumbrance, recyclable, unobstructed.
An innovation adopted worldwide.

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