The importance of water in the cooling tower industry: Water (part 1)

Why recycle water used for cooling industrial plants?
Water is a precious resource. Wasting water, besides being a waste of money, precludes resources otherwise used for the benefits of all. For example, irrigation systems, sources of drinking water, and so on will be compromised if there is no water savings in the cooling tower industry.
Water is a finite precious resource
From The New Economy website “SIWI: water is precious; it’s time to advance our thinking around it”
Machines, labor, manufacturing, and energy waste to dispose of.
Today, machines are used to produce goods that help us to live better and to manufacture many different products. Machines transform energy into work and, hence, raw materials into products. 
Plastic molding plant
Not all the energy used by a machine is transformed into work; part of the energy is dispersed in various forms such as clutches or otherwise “work not done” at the expense of production and, moreover, for the most part of energy is in the form of heat.

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