Is a cooling tower a worthwhile investment? (part 1)

We know how important it is to make an investment for a new plant. Sometimes there is a feeling that our project is convenient and affordable for clients, but this is not enough!
We need to have clear ideas to submit to our customers and, moreover, numbers and amounts of costs that could help make economic decisions.
The most frequently asked questions are
  • Why do we have to make an investment?
  • What will be the payback period on the investment?
  • Will there be a payback? 
We therefore propose an economic calculation method to determine how much convenient it is to install a cooling tower and how much time is required for the payback on investment of the plant? 
If for various reasons the plant will not be realized, the economic calculations forecast work will remain and can be used in the future for supporting decisions making. 
To make an economic forecast, we need data that is made available from both inside and outside the company. To make these calculations we need the cost rates for water and electricity. 
From inside the company, in addition to the type of plant, we need to know how many hours the plant is being served by the cooling tower, that is, how many days per week and how many weeks per year. This is all the data we need to make the calculations. On the next post, we will start structuring this data for calculations. 

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